I will review and edit your lyrics

review and edit your lyrics
review and edit your lyrics
review and edit your lyrics

About This Gig

I am a proud Level 2 Seller

Customer Satisfaction is my number 1 priority!!

PLEASE Contact Me Before Ordering. This is necessary
since I may need more info or clarification or I may have many orders ahead of yours.

Greetings Fiverr fanatics and welcome to my gig, exclusively on Fiverr, I will review and edit your song/poem up to 10 lines for ONLY $5. For full length songs, see my gig extras. I have extensive experience in writing songs, being part of a Rock n Roll band and having my own singing telegram business some years ago where I both wrote and delivered the songs for birthdays, weddings and special occasions. I am currently writing songs as part of my other gigs here on Fiverr.

I will spend hours making sure your lryics flow, fit together and/or rhyme and develop into a solid song. I do not believe in "cob Jobs"
and will work hard to make your lyrics the best they can be.

I will deliver your edited song within 72 hrs....most times less.

If you would like me to sing or play guitar, please see my other gigs listed below and please feel free to check out my customer comments.