I will proofread any writing, under 1500 words

proofread any writing, under 1500 words

About This Gig

I am an avid reader of essays, short stories, novels and forums. Most of my sentences are polished, having little to no grammatical errors and I try my best to not construct awkward sentence structures. Correcting others' punctuational, grammatical and sentence structure errors comes naturally to me, what, with having a cynical eye for detail and all! Before I start de-constructing even my own sentences, hence going insane - to prevent such a plight, I am offering my services to the Fiverr community. For $5, I will proofread any text under 1500 words. I will check for inconsistencies in grammar, punctuation, dodgy sentence structures and for an awkward flow of text. P.S: Re-correcting the flow of your text may take additional time. However, I work at a great speed - so don't worry about it unless I'll be getting a multitude of orders.

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2 days delivery