I will polish and perfect your manuscript

polish and perfect your manuscript
polish and perfect your manuscript

About This Gig

Does your manuscript need a seasoned set of eyes on it? Great writing flows logically and carries its audience along effortlessly. Problematic constructions and word choices can trip up your readers, disengaging them from your narrative and causing either confusion or a loss of interest. I will improve your text's readability by combing through it for clarity, cohesion, and coherence and checking that it is not only comprehensible, but enjoyable to read. This revision will include stylistic-level editing and proofreading to include:

  • grammar
  • punctuation
  • spelling
  • style (consistency of voice, tense, and tone)
  • mechanics (use of italics, numerals, figures, metrication, etc.)

This revision will not include structural and organizational adjustments, but will instead focus on the flow of language from line-to-line. This is therefore more suitable for well developed drafts in the final stages of preparation. If you think your document may need more intensive support, feel free to request a custom gig for developmental or content editing and feedback. [Note: Please message me before ordering. This is a sample edit. For words beyond 1,000, a custom gig will be created. Thanks! ]

Order Details

Your Writing: Revised & Refined

Stylistic Editing. Grammar, punctuation, spelling, mechanics, & style.

  • Up to 1000 Words
5 days delivery 1 Revision