I will remove plagiarism from your reports

remove plagiarism from your reports
remove plagiarism from your reports
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About This Gig

Writing reports is not possible without consulting a number of references like journals, websites and books. This will lead to plagiarism.

However, you don't have to worry even if you have committed plagiarism.

I follow a systematic process of checking the content and surgically eliminating plagiarised matter. While it is not possible to do away with such problem completely, we assure that over 70% of the plagiarised text will be treated by following these steps:

  • Check matching content: If the text has been published in the past, then it is bound to show in the tools that we use.
  • Paraphrase content: We find all the copied content and the sources, then go ahead to revise the content methodically. I will understand the point that you wish to state, read through the resources, and then rewrite using original words.
  • Use Citations:I will ensure that no data, idea or quotation goes into the report without citation.

I cover the entire research report, article or paper for removing plagiarism, so that even the abstract and conclusion are free of Plagiarism.

Send your material to me and I will do my best to remove plagiarism from it.

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3 days delivery UNLIMITED Revisions