I will proofread and improve any text in English

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proofread and improve any text in English

About This Gig

For $5 I will proofread and improve up to 1,800 words of any text in English within max 5 days from receipt of material. I'll endeavor to deliver faster, but due to unpredictable and irregular schedule I reserve the 5 days not to compromise the quality of work for the speed of delivery. I'll accept max 8,000 words in one order.  If you have a longer work,  let's discuss its length. If I accept to do it, I'll do it in parts of max 8,000 words per order. Due to my schedule I'd be too slow to deliver long works. Contact proofreaders who specialize in proofreading long works.

Please DO NOT ASK ME TO SEND YOU CUSTOM ORDERS.  I clearly state my pricing here to give you a chance to decide whether you want me to work for you.  Besides, the minimal amount of money that Fiverr allows for a custom order is $5, thus there's no point in me sending custom orders.

PLEASE RESPOND TO MY COMMUNICATION ASAP once the order is active. 2 buyers spoilt my years-long delivery score of 100% by responding late and letting the orders run out of time. I don't deserve this!!!