I will beautifully format your sibelius score for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
beautifully format your sibelius score
Wow - You went above and beyond what I requested in ways that do such honor to this song. Thank you so very much. I am so happy and thankful that you were able to work on this and make it into something outright amazing with cool intstrumentation. <HUGZ>, A huge thumbs-up to this artist..
Reviewed by flowingfire 9 months ago
Very, very fast turnaround, very skilled at Sibelius.
Reviewed by aarvark_al 11 months ago
beautifully format your sibelius score

About This Gig

Sibelius is a great tool for producing musical scores, but formatting can be a sometimes difficult and time consuming. Send me your .sib files, and I will format your scores to a professional standard using the latest version of Sibelius. I have been using sibelius for about six years, and I know what goes into making a score look amazing. I have transcribed a 40 minute symphony, as well as countless hours of chamber music and other orchestral and soundtrack scores. I can add dynamics, pedal markings, page breaks, any manner of symbols and expression text, copyright notices, titles, instrumentation lists, articulations, add proper spacing, prepare instrumental parts, change the font,,,