I will edit your documents for diction, syntax, and imagery

edit your documents for diction, syntax, and imagery

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  THE RED PENCIL consists of basic grammatical editing (punctuation only) THE RED PEN consists of "The red pencil" + voice, clarity, dialog, and readability. THE RED MARKER consists of "The red pen" + sentence structure, cohesion, transition, tense, and more
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Preparing layout for print is the arrangement of all elements and text in the document for legibility.
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About This Gig

ABOUT ME: I am a high school English teacher with a bachelor's degree in composition from Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia). 

EDITING WORK: I will edit your document for the following concepts: diction (word choice), syntax (word order), and imagery. I will also edit for grammatical mistakes such as split-infinitives, dangling / misplaced modifiers, incorrect verbal usage, sentence structure, phrases and clauses, subordinating conjunctions, dependent and independent clauses, and a host of other grammatical issues.

PROOFREADING:  After editing, I will proofread your document for paragraph integrity by identifying transition phrases and main ideas. I will also revisit sentence structure to make sure you vary your syntax to allow for a varied reading experience. 

NO PROGRAMS: I edit all documents manually; I do not use software because software cannot distinguish intent. Please make sure to send me your document in Microsoft Word format. I will use the track changes feature, and I will send you two files: one with the tracked changes and one ready for publication. 

FREE SAMPLE EDIT: Please feel free to send me a 2-3 paragraphs of text as a free sample edit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use software?
    No. Software cannot determine intent of the writer. I only edit manually.
  • What are your qualifications?
    I have a B.A in Advanced Rhetoric and Composition from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. I am also a high school English teacher who teaches Pre-AP level course work. I have edited two books available on Amazon https://goo.gl/ThsHfj and https://goo.gl/5rmCfE